World’s First AI-Powered Crypto Exchange

Airavat is an AI-first crypto exchange built on the Telegram platform.

AI-powered Crypto utility chatbot

Airavat is an AI-first crypto exchange built on the Telegram platform.

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Airavat redefines the crypto exchange experience for the AI era. With support for over 300 trading pairs, seamless staking for major tokens, and lightning-fast transactions, Airavat simplifies complex multi-step tasks. It offers the best price discovery across both CeFi and DeFi, all within a familiar chatbot-like interface.



Airavat operates within a custodial wallet framework, similar to centralized exchanges (CEXes). User security is ensured through multi-factor authentication, strong passwords, and multi-device confirmation for major changes.

Borrow and Lend

Airavat facilitates a liquid marketplace for cryptocurrency borrowing and lending secured by collateral.

DEX integration

Airavat will integrate with major AMMs, including Uniswap and Quickswap, across all prominent blockchains. Enjoy cross-network bridges and swaps within a single, streamlined interface.

CEX integration

Airavat will integrate with major CEXes, including Binance and Huobi, to offer the best liquidity and price discovery across the largest platforms.


Airavat offers staking, bridge-staking and liquid staking options across major tokens, allowing you to earn yield on your crypto safely and securely.

Conversational AI

Powered by a familiar LLM-like interface, Airavat allows users to perform simple and complex tasks through a combination of conversational English and user-friendly menu options.