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Multi-purpose crypto utility chatbot

Airavat is the Telegram chatbot gateway to the DeFi ecosystem, with integrations to all IC and major 3rd party DeFi services (coming soon).


Airavat allows users to seamlessly switch from fiat to crypto to staking, lending or borrowing within a few minutes, within the same user interface.



Airavat does not keep track of user private keys or transmit them. User security is established with multi-factor authentication, strong passwords and multi-device confirmations on major changes.

IndraDEX Integration

Airavat will be fully integrated with both the De-Fi vaults as well as the IndraDEX Futures and Options exchange.

NFT marketplace integration

Airavat is expected to be fully integrated with the major NFT marketplaces. Minting of brand new NFTs will be supported.


Airavat operates within a custodial wallet paradigm, at it’s core. User accounts, telegram IDs and wallets are tied together in a centralized backend infrastructure, similar to Centralized exchanges.

IndraX Integration

Fully integrated with IndraX for fiat-crypto onramps, spot trading of major coins and the IndraX borrow/lend platform.

YieldWallet Integration

Stake your favorite coins from within the Airavat interface via our integration with YieldWallet, our Staking-as-a-service provider.

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